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Exelon Store in Shinnston
686 S Pike St, Shinnston, WV.

Exelon Phone: (304) 592-2100
Website: Buy Exelon Here
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  1. Donald Evans

    It's not bad, just... to me the short hair seems to suit her better.

  2. Donald Allen

    Also, women's clothing sizes make no sense. I mean, depending on what brand you get, the size will be different. I have had jeans in a size 3 that fit perfectly, ones in a size 5 that fall off without a belt, and ones in 7 that are tight. I mean, I have had to go up to a size 10 in swimsuits, but I wear size 3 pants. It's insane.

  3. Ronald


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  5. Paul Green

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  6. Margaret Turner